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Mission & Vision

From the Principal

Greetings to all of our students and parents at Song-do International Christian School. First and foremost, I want to thank God and give him all the glory for blessing SICS with a new school. Without our almighty Father, we would not be here today. Our commitment at SICS is to provide our students with a nurturing environment so they can reach their full potential and develop skills and values that will prepare them for the future. SICS offers our students a safe, positive, and educational environment so they can be nourished socially, mentally, and most importantly spiritually. We incorporate communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to lead our children to a bright path. As principal of Song-do International Christian School, my pledge is to provide our students with quality English education supplementary to our core Christian values. Thank you and God bless.

Jeff Nam

State University of New York

Sogang University

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